lost in suffolk
get lost!

thank you everyone for your support! we'VE raised over £1500!

what's it all about?

Having had loved ones affected by life threatening diseases, that required the intervention of transplant, there was good reason between these friends to want to try and raise some money, to say thank you for the countless hours of hard work by Papworth staff, and vast sums of money spent in the research of transplantation. After the success of Lost In Suffolk 2014, raising an impressive £1533.85, we are back for 2016 to once again get lost in Suffolk (ok, and a bit of Norfolk). This year's target is £2000! As always, ALL money raised goes directly to Papworth Charity Hospital. All prizes are donated and none of the money raised is used to buy them.

how DOES it work?

The four teams will be dropped off together and will race to be the first ones back to base camp. Each will be using a different method of transport (tandem-bike, bus, train and hitch-hiking). Their movements will be live tracked during the event so you can keep track of them via this website. The public are being invited to place bets on which team will make it back first. Follow the guidelines below on how to place your bet. Those who bet on the winning team will be entered into a prize draw for a selection of prizes kindly donated by local businesses. Every £1 you donate counts as one entry into the prize draw. So the more generous you are, the more chances you have to win a prize (assuming your team wins!) and you'll also be helping to save lives.

How do i donate & place a bet?

You can place your bets clicking on the 'Donate' button below, or visiting the Just Giving (click here). Please be sure to include your full name, who are you betting on, and how much your bet is for. This information should be put in the message box when the donation is made. You MUST also fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can let you know if you have won a prize. Without this, you won't be entered into the draw. You don't have to bet if you don't want to, simply use the Just Giving page as per normal. Don't forget, the more you bet, and the more teams you bet on, the better your chances of winning!



Zoe & nick

Advantages: Nick and Zoe are seasoned cyclists, having ridden their beloved tandem from Brighton to Paris and even to the reception on their wedding day! As well as Nick's superhuman navigational skills, they also know the area well because they have cycled a similar route before on the tandem. So there's not much likelihood of them getting lost. While not as fast as the bus, train or car, they also don't need to worry about missed connections and can take a direct route. Will slow but steady win the race?

Risks: They'll be exposed to the elements far more than the other teams. Rain is miserable but won't slow them down too much. However, if the wind is too strong or in the wrong direction, it could be a disaster for them. And they'll be crossing their fingers they don't get a puncture!


robert & Rowen

Advantages: Robert and Rowen used this tactic very successfully last year, and this time, they don't even have to talk their way into a free ticket! There will be a fair walk to and from stations, but that's no problem for these experienced hikers. And much of their journey will be spent speeding through the beautiful Suffolk countryside!

Risks: They will need to make decisions about the route they take on the train: do they make extra changes to get to a closer station and cut down on walking, or does that just waste time overall? A wrong decision, or a missed connection could scupper their chances of winning. They will also be at the mercy of British trains so will be hoping for no delays or cancellations!


ros & sophie

Advantages: Ros and Sophie will be spared the physical exertions required by the other teams, something Ros is very pleased about after her 20-mile hike last year! If all goes to plan, it should be plain sailing for this team. A few changes and waiting at stops, but otherwise a (mostly) comfortable journey.

Risks: IF it all goes to plan (that's a big if!) they will be relying on rural bus services across two counties, which aren't necessarily co-ordinated. Miss one connection and they could have a very long wait for the next bus.


adam & phoebe

Advantages: There's a big luck factor for Adam and Phoebe. If they find the right car, the race could be over in under an hour. Don't forget that last years winners used hitch-hiking so successfully that they actually got back home before one of the drivers who dropped them off in the first place! They also have the advantage of Phoebe's puppydog eyes, which may persuade drivers to stop and help.

Risks: It all rests on them being able to persuade someone to stop and help them. They'll need to find the right place to stand, but otherwise it's a case of hoping for the best! If not, it could be a very long day for them!


TOP PRIZE: Quadcopter 63cm Drone with HD camera and live Wi-Fi feed, worth £185! - donated by The Teams
Won by Jon Tollervey

Voucher for bowling - donated by Kingpin bowling - Won by Nicole Coley
£20 voucher - donated by The Sorrell Horse - Won by Helen Markillie
Painting of Suffolk - donated by Irmgard Thorne, artist - Won by Paul Leighton
Bottle of wine - donated by Crusader Holidays - Won by Angie Godfrey

French champagne - donated by Zoe & Nick - Lucy Marten & Ian Whitesmith
Genuine crystal wine decanter - donated by a generous donator - Won by Sue Allenby
£25 coach holiday voucher - donated by Crusader Holidays - Won by Debbie Spall
Digital photo frame - donated by James Bester - Won by David Markillie
"Life Is For The Living" book - donated by Kathryn Graham, author - Won by John Hawkins

Donate & Bet

Betting has obviously finished for the event, but you can still donate! Visit www.justgiving.com/Lostinsuffolk2016 to make your donation.